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Exclusive events built around
passion & business
Goodwood Revival

The world’s most popular historic motor race meeting. A chance to revel in the glamour of motor racing.

Business meetings

Insights of a manager with 35 years of experience within the world’s 2nd chemical company, Dow Chemical.

Mercedes AMG Live

Private test drive, on a track and on the road, of the most powerful AMG cars (SLS, SLK, C, etc.).


Quality time between members to relax and share a drink in a bar or on the rear spoiler of Porsche.,

Creating jewels

The best secrets of the most exquisite jewels of two French creators: Lorenza Paris and Titanides.

Events in motion…

JET VS GT : The incredible race between a private jet and five Gran Turismo cars

    At the invitation of its partner, Abelag Aviation, Matching Numbers took up the mad challenge to outrace a Jet Cessna CJ3 with 5 outstanding GT cars: Lamborghini Aventador, DeTomaso Pantera GTS, Porsche 997 GT3, Porsche 997 Convertible and Mercedes SLS AMG.

    Appointment made for June 19, 2013 at Paris – Le Bourget airport for 53 km at full speed until the Pontoise airfield. Trapped in horrendous conditions, the fiery pilots challenged both speed and weather to stand up to the modern aircraft. You wnt to know which is the faster? Press play on our video for the answer.

Track, Tie & Fly : Race, Champagne & Loops

    The automotive lifestyle staged in the Champagne vineyards. Cars, rave party, aerobatic airplanes, and fizzy bubbles… 48 hours spent between heaven and earth with roaring engines.

    For Track Time, Matching Numbers’ members gathered at the ‘circuit des Ecuyers’ to drive freely, test new cars and challenge themselves with Minis. At twilight, Tie Time and white dress code for our guests, invited to dine in a remarkable place. Even after a short night, it was not too early for Fly Time, an aerobatic air show starring a Boeing Stearman, a Cap 10, a Cessna and a Stampe. The bravest even boarded on these crazy planes for a first flight

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